Broadband pilots could serve as models for other states

By Dennis Pierce, Special Projects Editor, eSchool News
August 28th, 2014

Arkansas, Virginia partner with EducationSuperHighway to design a roadmap for bringing broadband to every student


EducationSuperHighway’s analysis revealed a key opportunity to deliver broadband to every Arkansas school through fiber-optic connections.

Arkansas and Virginia have teamed up with the San Francisco-based nonprofit EducationSuperHighway to design a cost-effective plan for meeting President Obama’s goal of ensuring broadband access for every student.

EducationSuperHighway, whose mission is to “close the K-12 digital divide and open the door to new learning and teaching opportunities” in the nation’s schools, is surveying the available bandwidth in Arkansas and Virginia classrooms.

The group then will assess what broadband technologies are available in each state. Working with state and local education leaders and with service providers, EducationSuperHighway will form a plan for delivering high-speed internet to each state’s schools in the most efficient way possible.

If these pilot projects are successful, they could become models for other states to follow, said Evan Marwell, CEO of EducationSuperHighway.

President Obama’s ConnectED initiative, announced last year, calls for 99 percent of American students to have broadband access in their classrooms by 2018. The initiative defines broadband as at least 100 kilobits per second of bandwidth for every student.

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One Response to “Broadband pilots could serve as models for other states”

Good article, however, our District will have 10 GB to every school by 2015. Having the infrastructure to handle the 10 GB capacity was the challenge. We are currently upgrading our entire Middle / High School infrastructure with Meraki Switches/WAP’s and are about 75% completed. I applaud other schools following suit in gaining Broadband and hope we can get it to all rural areas so that all students can have chance to utilize the knowledge that awaits them.