Backlash over Common Core State Standards

From staff and wire service reports
June 3rd, 2013

There was little dissent when the standards were widely adopted in 2010, but that begun changing last year and debate picked up steam this year.

Some states are pushing back against the Common Core State Standards, a set of uniform benchmarks for reading, writing, and math that have been fully adopted in most states and are being widely put in place this school year.

The new Common Core State Standards replace a hodgepodge of educational goals that had varied greatly from state to state. The federal government was not involved in the state-led effort to develop them but has encouraged the project.

While proponents say the new standards will better prepare students, critics worry they’ll set a national curriculum for public schools rather than letting states decide what is best for their students.

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6 Responses to “Backlash over Common Core State Standards”

June 3, 2013

I was fortunate to be invited to Russia twice. Once to Moscow and once to Irkutsk (spanning the entire country) to observe the educational system in that country. In both places I was told the same story.

If a child moves from Moscow to Irkutsk over the weekend, he can expect to be given the same book and be on the same page of that book from Friday to Monday.

If you want real “Common Core” or “National Standards,” the Soviet style is the ultimate.

Why we would want that in the US is beyond me.

June 3, 2013

There is also a major issue with the schools using their hold on kids for gathering information about parents and households (including income and parental politics) which smacks of the same sort of centralization of personal information being undertaken by the government in various other areas. This is a frightening trend.

June 3, 2013

Common Core is viewed by many conservatives as the vehicle by which socialist big government will take even more control of local schools and inculcate students with its propaganda about social and economic equality. Common Core also represents a dumbing down of the curriculum that has traditionally been taught in grades K-12. At my private school we tell parents that we teach students well above Common Core standards. Fortunately with tablets and electronic media it is now possible to customize learning to the needs of the individual student as never possible before.

June 4, 2013

Why must education be a race? It’s a process and each individual student should be allowed to develop at her own rate to meet her own needs.

June 4, 2013

Government by the cheap on the cheap makes for a cheap quality of education. Let’s make Coomon Core a political football so we don’t have to spend any money, right? A truly strange path to follow to educational excellence. Ideology trumps pragmatism once again.