The top ways digital tools transform learning

By Laura Devaney, Managing Editor, @eSN_Laura
July 30th, 2014

Annual survey highlights how students, teachers leverage digital tools to change education

digital-learningDigital tools are often touted for their ability to have a transformative effect on teaching and learning, and an annual survey reveals just how deeply these tools continue to impact education.

Project Tomorrow CEO Julie Evans shared some of the latest Speak Up Survey data during an exclusive edWeb webinar. The annual survey focuses on digital tools, emerging technologies, professional development, digital citizenship, STEM, and administrators’ challenges.

“We have a strong belief that today’s students should be well-prepared for the future, and digital tools can help ensure that they are prepared,” Evans said.

When it comes to district administrators’ views on solutions that can most transform teaching and learning, their top motivating factors include enhancing teacher effectiveness (58 percent), integrating 21st century skills into curriculum (49 percent), and leveraging technology more effectively (46 percent).

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One Response to “The top ways digital tools transform learning”

August 11, 2014

The benefits of technology and education is undeniable, it will help your children learn to read and further understand topics which we were limited to in the past. That being said I think it is very important to be aware of the qualities in the education that we had. We do not want to be completely isolated by technology, socializing and inter student/teacher relations are apart of becoming well rounded people. We as a society should not be totally focused on results, we should be concerned with creating well rounded and social people for the future.