These 6 questions determine if you’re technology rich, innovation poor

By Alan November
January 13th, 2015

Think your school is innovative with tech? Answer these 6 questions and prepare to reassess

innovation-questionsAt the start of a webinar I recently conducted for school leaders, I asked attendees if they felt they were leading an innovative school as a result of the implementation of technology. More than 90 percent responded that they were. At the end of the webinar, when polled again, only one leader claimed to be leading an innovative school.

The complete reversal was due to a presentation on the six questions that you will read about in this article—a list of questions that were developed to help clarify for educators the unique added value of a digital learning environment, and whether their assignments were making the best use of this environment.

Want to test your own level of innovation? If you answer no to all six questions when evaluating the design of assignments and student work, then chances are that technology is not really being applied in the most innovative ways. The questions we ask to evaluate implementation and define innovation are critical.

(Beyond SAMR: Special note to those of you applying SAMR. Many educators who believed their assignment to be at the highest level of SAMR have discovered that the answer can be no to all six of the transformation questions.)

(Next page: the 6 questions and how to shape your lessons for innovation)

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5 Responses to “These 6 questions determine if you’re technology rich, innovation poor”

January 13, 2015

I am very grateful to the folks at Eschool News for publishing this article. Quick correction for my twitter handle to @globalearner. Looking forward to reading your views of innovation!!!

January 15, 2015

I really like the questions as a way to break down SAMR, our school’s chosen model, and get more reflective about innovation. I’ll be using this in a discussion at my MS tech team’s next meeting. Cheers!