7 engaging, educational YouTube channels

By Laura Devaney, Managing Editor, @eSN_Laura
December 2nd, 2013

These YouTube resources can help students and teachers broaden their learning opportunities

YouTube-channelLearning happens everywhere–inside a classroom, at home, in the car or on the bus, and on weekends. As students have more access to mobile and handheld devices, they have more learning opportunities.

Videos are some of the best teaching tools available to teachers and students, and YouTube offers a seemingly infinite number of educational channels on varying topics.

We’ve listed 7 of those educational YouTube channels here. What are some of your favorite channels? Leave your comments below.

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4 Responses to “7 engaging, educational YouTube channels”

7 engaging, educational YouTube channels | eSchool News | eSchool News | The Sharing Tree
December 2, 2013

[…] via 7 engaging, educational YouTube channels | eSchool News | eSchool News. […]

December 4, 2013

I would add The Brain Scoop, SciShow, CGP Grey, and Vihart. These have entertaining clips on natural history, science news, humanities, and math. Also, if you check back in the CrashCourse archives, you will find some literature episodes.