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Articles by Laura Devaney

Use these 4 apps for phonics, art exploration, and more
Laura Devaney is the eSchool News Managing Editor. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Laura interned at eSchool Media while attending UMD, and upon graduating, Laura was lucky enough to join the eSchool Media team. She enjoys covering mobile and handheld technologies, BYOD trends, equity in broadband access, and special education.

When she isn't wrangling her two children, Laura enjoys running, photography, home improvement, boating, and rooting for the Terps.

Find Laura on Twitter: @eSN_Laura

Use these 4 apps for phonics, art exploration, and more

Each week, we feature a new App of the Week on our website and in our newsletters. These apps are for students or educators and offer a range of uses. But…

How important is informal learning?

Learning is changing. It is moving from a primarily school-based, formal process to include more informal opportunities. Learning is just as likely to occur among a group of students at…

Digital Issue Article
Here’s how to design an iPad program

As educators and school leaders would likely agree, any technology initiative begins not with an iPad or a laptop, but with teaching and learning goals.…

Using flipped learning to boost engagement

Supporters of flipped learning have proven that the instructional model is more than just a fad. As it spreads to classrooms across the nation, educators are leveraging the flipped model…

One-stop privacy shop just in time for the new school year

As schools increasingly rely on data to improve education, and as teachers increasingly rely on technology in the classroom to improve the learning experience, privacy concerns are being raised about…

Digital Issue Article
5 gaming dynamics that truly engage students

Gaming. It’s more than a buzzword in today’s schools, but it still sometimes carries a stigma–is gaming really an effective way for students to learn?…

eSN’s TED Talks round-ups, all in one place

eSN’s TED Talks round-ups, all in one place

Need a TED Talk for inspiration? We’ve got months of them. With just a click, today’s educators have access to a nearly infinite amount of information, from classroom strategies to…

6 intriguing TED Talks for the new school year

Every educator needs some inspiration now and then, and these days, such inspiration can be found online in just a few seconds. The internet brings inspiring and motivational speakers and experts…

Meet the eSchool News Advisory Board

It’s no secret that educators love to share. They share their path to success, and they’re also not afraid to talk about bumps in the road during ed-tech pilots or…

Students: We need coding skills

A new report reveals that 59 percent of students who do not know how to code would like to learn, while just 23 percent of students actually know how to…

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