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The classroom of tomorrow promises an amazing education; with bring your own device initiatives growing, virtual reality field trips coming to fruition, and even school districts becoming 100% digital. However, all of these technology developments in education rely on a consistent and reliable network infrastructure, one that has the ability to scale, remain secure, and enable all digital learning initiatives. With the Brocade Ruckus Edge Networking Product Family, you can build and deploy next-generation wired and wireless technologies that deliver a more flexible IT infrastructure with unmatched simplicity, non-stop networking, application optimization, and investment protection.

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Future-Ready Networks for Education Technology

Technology in education is not only focused on electronic whiteboards and tablets, but about providing digital, web-based, and mobile-optimized instructional solutions and educational content. All of this requires K-12 IT leaders to address four key challenges in order to provide the tools, platforms, and connectivity required while also protecting students and their data.


Network Capacity and Scale for Primary Education

Broadband and network capacity has become the top challenge for IT teams when initializing eLearning in schools. Advancements in instructional technology and increased access to digital education resources has made the networks’ role in improving student outcomes that much more important.


Networks for Next-Generation Digital Learning

The network solutions deployed today cannot only focus on solving today’s challenges, they must also be aware of future initiatives and capabilities. The possibilities may seem endless; but resources and budgets are not. Deploying networks based on open standards, scale, and flexibility simplifies the integration of best-value, best-of-breed solutions to support future needs.


Protecting Student Data: More Than Mobile Security

As efforts focus on making networks and information more accessible and available, concerns grow about the risk to private student data. It is a concern shared by everyone involved in providing education, and recognition is growing that mobile security is only one aspect to securing student data.


On-Demand Webinars

Meeting the Broadband & Network Capacity Challenge in Education Technology

Keeping up with the escalating number of devices and bandwidth hungry applications on your network is the biggest challenge K-12 IT administrators face. In this webinar, Chris Oskuie, Director of Education, Brocade and Richard Nedwich, Global Director of Education, Ruckus discuss best practices to handle the growth.


Meeting the Student Data Privacy Challenge

49 of 50 US States have legislation in effect or in draft around the need to protect student data privacy. Do you know where your vulnerabilities are?


Meeting the Digital Learning Transition Challenge

According to the 2016 CoSN IT Leadership Survey, 90% of K-12 IT administrators expect their curricula to be at least 50% digital in the next 3 years. The network is no longer a nice to have, but depended on to elevate the classroom experience. Listen to this webinar to learn how to implement a network infrastructure to support digital learning initiatives.

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Case Studies

Huntington Beach High Schools Achieve New Networking Standards

Huntington Beach High Schools needed a high performance and reliable network to support Smarter Balanced assessments and digital learning. With Brocade, they were able to implement reliable, robust and scalable technology.

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Lower Dauphin School District Chooses the Right Technology for Best-in-Class Education

Lower Dauphin School District upgraded its network to support a 1:1 laptop program and online state test initiatives.

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