AI Resource Center

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing education with innovative approaches to teaching and learning. As technology continues to advance, the integration of AI in education promises to optimize educational outcomes, promote inclusivity, and prepare students for the evolving demands of the digital age. Here you will find everything you need to know about AI in education to keep you on the cutting-edge.

Gateway to K-12 Solutions

Are you ready to unlock the potential of modern education? Then check out our latest K-12 Solutions Resource Center, where we delve deep into strategies and innovations that address the core needs of today’s education landscape.

Powering Digital Transformation

Leveraging the right technology and partnering with experienced providers can help mitigate the daily challenges that IT teams face and support overall school and district success. Explore these tools and strategies to expand digital libraries, create user-friendly, immersive classroom environments, achieve security and compliance, and more to help your school on its digital transformation journey.

Closing the Gap

With educators still feeling the pandemic’s impact on their instruction, schools must determine the most efficient, effective, and equitable ways to close learning gaps based on where their students are today. Check out the resources we’ve compiled below which include the latest technologies, instructional strategies, and evidence-based approaches making a difference in students’ learning progress.

Innovations in Ed Tech

The K-12 landscape is rapidly evolving, with no signs of slowing down. Today’s districts need to be sure they can keep up with new student data and privacy demands, modern teaching tools transforming the classroom, and increased staff support needs as schools head towards a technology-driven future.

Strengthening 21st Century Literacy & Learning Skills

Today’s educators need resources in their toolbox to close literacy gaps, accelerate learning, and prepare students for success beyond the classroom. In this resource center, find evidence-based, research-validated literacy strategies and the latest educational technology to accelerate your students’ reading proficiency and build 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and more.

Digital Transformation in Education

To keep up with today’s teaching, learning, and network infrastructure demands, schools need to fast-track their digital transformations. Explore this resource center for the latest tips, tools, and best practices that are making a difference in K-12 digital transformation — from IT, to the classroom and the back office.

Closing the Learning Gap

The learning gap is a tough opponent, especially as education continues to evolve. However, a shift towards future-focused means every student has the resources they need to succeed. We put together some helpful resources below, ranging from instruction tools and strategies to help close the gap to information about funding resources available to support those efforts.

K-12 Funding Opportunities and Strategies

More than $190 billion in emergency funding has been made available for K-12 education through pandemic relief funding. This means school districts have an incredible opportunity to strengthen infrastructure, fill critical educator and personnel gaps, update digital learning tools and resources, and more. But with great funding comes great responsibility. Education leaders will need to be careful to avoid opportunities for waste, fraud, and abuse. Compliance with federal spending laws is critical.


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