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Elevate the Classroom Experience

The classroom of tomorrow promises an amazing education; with bring your own device initiatives growing, virtual reality field trips coming to fruition, and even school districts becoming 100% digital. However, all of these technology developments in education rely on a consistent and reliable network infrastructure, one that has the ability to scale, remain secure, and enable all digital learning initiatives. With the Brocade Ruckus Edge Networking Product Family, you can build and deploy next-generation wired and wireless technologies that deliver a more flexible IT infrastructure with unmatched simplicity, non-stop networking, application optimization, and investment protection.

Leveraging Biliteracy

The ability to speak more than one language opens up a world of opportunity...for access to higher learning, career advancement, cross-cultural insights and explorations, and even, as research has shown, to enhanced brain power. Explore this Leveraging Biliteracy resource center to discover the dynamic, relevant learning environments HMH provides that will enable all language learners to communicate effectively in a second language.

Credit Recovery – Your Path to Higher Graduation Rates

Unlike other credit recovery courses, Fuel Education has built courses from the ground up to support learners who may need additional motivation and remediation. We have created a motivational, self‐paced learning environment with embedded social‐emotional learning support, and growth‐mindset approach to help students reframe their struggles as opportunities for future success. FuelEd’s Credit Recovery courses are designed for students who did not pass a course initially but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. With our diagnostic‐driven model, students can test out of the material they previously mastered in a course so they can focus on the more difficult concepts they missed the first time around.

Smarter Networks for Smarter Students

Schools are moving to mobile-first digital learning environments. Wi-Fi and network infrastructure that were designed for coverage and connectivity are woefully inadequate to connect every student, device and classroom. Explore these resources to discover how Aruba solutions deliver the scale, reliability and intelligence needed to promote mobile learning in Primary Education Schools.

English Language Arts and English Language Development

The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® vision of English Language Arts (ELA) is to provide a comprehensive definition of what it means to be a literate person in the 21st-century. Our goal is to help administrators, educators, parents, and students achieve that vision. Explore this resource center to learn how HMH ELA programs can help ensure that every student has the critical reading and writing skills that are necessary to meet the demands of college and career life in our complex digital age.

Integrating Technology into the World Language Classroom

Students face a global future when language skills will be critical to career success. Yet, time and resource allocation for language programs has been shrinking while the need for multilingualism only grows. Learn how leveraging technology in the world language classroom can make a transformative impact.

Blended Learning Solutions for Diverse Learners

Fuel Education partners with schools and districts to provide students equitable learning opportunities that are personalized to serve each student’s different interests and learning style, no matter their level. Our solutions consist of over 500 online and blended learning courses and titles including: Credit Recovery/Remediation, Career Readiness Pathways™, and World Languages/ELL.

Explore our case studies and videos that provide insight into successful online and blended learning programs, and showcase best practices and academic results.

Discovery Education Game-Changing Resources

Explore new game-changing resources from Discovery Education, including the transformative digital Techbook series for Math, Science and Social Studies,that integrates stunning multimodal content and an inquiry approach to make teaching and learning an unforgettable experience.

Integrating 3D Printing into your Classroom Curriculum

Tomorrow’s engineers, designers and problem solvers deserve every tool available to build a brilliant future. 3D printing fuels limitless creativity when students get to see, hold and test their ideas in real space.

Bringing 3D printing into the classroom exposes learners to the same cutting-edge technologies they’ll encounter in their careers, giving them a jump-start on tomorrow’s challenges. We invite you to explore the information below to learn how schools across the country are inspiring a new generation of problem solvers by integrating 3D printing into their K-12 curriculum.

Building a High-Performing Culture

The importance of a positive, high-performing school culture cannot be overstated. It is the number one factor in attracting a talented team, delivering an effective learning environment, and building a stronger community.

Are you keeping up with the needs of the modern workforce? Are your students getting the best possible education from the most skilled and passionate people? It may be time to rethink the K-12 career experience. Explore these resources to learn how you can help foster a better culture in your school and district.

E-rate and Network Readiness for the Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about adopting powerful new ways of teaching and learning at its core, but technology is what enables this shift to occur. Students need devices that can access the web, as well as rich new apps and tools for creating, sharing, and discovering content. And just as important, they need a robust network infrastructure that can support these activities. And thanks to new E-rate and other public funding opportunities, schools have ample opportunity to implement equipment and service upgrades that support and promote digital learning.

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