Strengthening 21st Century Literacy & Learning Skills

Contemporary pedagogies and edtech to close literacy gaps, accelerate learning, and build your students' 21st-century skills Today’s educators need resources in their toolbox to close literacy gaps, accelerate learning, and prepare students for success beyond the classroom. In this resource center, find evidence-based, research-validated literacy strategies and the latest educational technology to accelerate your students’ reading proficiency and build 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and more.

Digital Transformation in Education

To keep up with today’s teaching, learning, and network infrastructure demands, schools need to fast-track their digital transformation journeys. Explore this resource center for the latest tips, tools, and best practices that are making a difference in K-12 digital transformation — from IT, to the classroom and the back office.

Closing the Learning Gap

Resources that Address Future-Focused Learning Models.

The learning gap is a tough opponent, especially as education continues to evolve. However, a shift towards future-focused means every student has the resources they need to succeed. We put together some helpful resources below, ranging from instruction tools and strategies to help close the gap to information about funding resources available to support those efforts.

K-12 Funding Opportunities and Strategies

Thanks to more than $190 billion in emergency funding, school districts have an incredible opportunity to strengthen infrastructure, fill critical personnel gaps, update digital learning tools and more. Explore these resources to find out how schools can take advantage of this historic opportunity.