Step-by-Step Lessons in Overcoming Obstacles

As leader of one of the poorest school districts in the US, Dr. Darryl Adams is undaunted and tireless. His charge? Support 20,000 preK-12–100% qualify for free or reduced lunches and 60% are English language learners–spread over 1220 square miles in the Coachella Valley Unified School District. Faced with alarming graduation and college competition rates, low achievement, and rampant poverty in his district, Dr. Adams took a step-by-step approach to devising a truly 21st century learning environment.
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TechTalk K12 Blog:

The challenges in Dr. Adams’ district required innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. Watch these videos to learn how they overcame obstacles and created a 21st century learning environment.

Meet Dr. Darryl Adams
Darryl Adams turned the creativity cultivated in his life as a professional musician and music teacher to school administration with bold innovation in his district.

21st Century Learning
A quick, breathtaking, integrated mission statement that explains how Dr. Adams and the CVUSD community foster meaningful 21st century learning.

Leading the Country’s First 1:1 iPad Implementation
Dr. Adams led one of the country’s first district-wide 1:1 iPad implementations. Here’s a brief breakdown of the process and mission of the program.

Overcoming Barriers to 1:1 Implementation
Dr. Adams’ conviction, vision, and energy will inspire you in this quick overview of challenges and approaches that worked at CVUSD, including how they brought internet access to every student.

SAMRai Teacher Certification Program
CVUSD established its own teacher training and certification program to ensure optimal outcomes with the iPad program.

President Commends CVUSD and Dr. Adams
At “ConnectEd to the Future,” President Barack Obama celebrated the work of the 100 most innovative school leaders in the US. Watch as Dr. Adams receives special mention. Video courtesy of The White House.

Dr. Adams Challenges Other Districts
If he can do it, you can too. Overcome concerns and put a vision into place that can change the course of your students’ lives. Dr. Adams is ready to help!

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