Powerful Practices

Learning Science Starts with a Connection.

Science Techbook helps teachers transform their instruction with a simple-to-use, highly interactive program that integrates multimedia resources including video, audio, text, and interactives. Hands-on activities, virtual labs, and technology-enhanced formative assessment provide a rich and engaging learning experience for students. Science Techbook works on any device and can be implemented in a variety of instructional settings.

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What Educators Can Do with Science Techbook

Teach Using an Inquiry-Based Approach

Science Techbook uses a Discover, Practice, Apply cycle that balances conceptual learning, procedural fluency, and application to real world problems so students gain lasting proficiency.

Engage Students First to Make Learning Last

Students can access dynamic content, interactives, videos, digital tools, and game-like activities that increase their motivation to learn math. Students learn content through multiple pathways that match their learning style and can monitor their own progress in real time with the Student Dashboard.

Differentiate Instruction for 21st Century Learners

The newest generation of technology enhanced items and formative assessments are woven throughout the entire instructional cycle. Teachers can collect evidence of student progress instantly.

Save Teachers Time in Planning and Preparation

Comprehensive resources, student activities, and model lessons are at teachers' fingertips in one, easy-to-navigate site. Real-time feedback and easy-to-read data on the Teacher Dashboard make it easier to adjust instruction.

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