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English Language Development

READ 180® is the leading blended learning solution that accelerates learning for struggling readers by merging the latest research in brain science, adaptive technology, professional development, and knowledge for school and life. At its core, READ 180 was built to provide each student with unique learning opportunities that encourage them to make meaning through critical thinking, to view and articulate important issues from multiple perspectives, and to accelerate language development through critical comprehension skills.

System 44® Next Generation is a foundational reading program for the most challenged of readers in Grades 3–12+. System 44 is proven to help students master the foundational reading skills required for success with standards and supports educators with a comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, and professional development. It also provides students with personalized, rigorous instruction for college, career, and beyond.

Developed with Dr. Kate Kinsella, the nation’s leading scholar on the instruction and achievement of secondary English learners, English 3D® is an English language development program designed to ensure proficiency in the academic vocabulary, speaking, listening, and writing skills that are vital to success in school and life. The program builds students’ competence and confidence through consistent instructional routines for academic vocabulary, discussion, writing, and more.

The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt® vision of English Language Arts (ELA) is to provide a comprehensive definition of what it means to be a literate person in the 21st-century. Our goal is to help administrators, educators, parents, and students achieve that vision.

With English learners becoming an increasingly important element of our society, HMH® provides solid and dedicated curriculum resources that emphasize strong, reliable language acquisition that’s directly tied into literacy and communication in order to engage and empower learners from diverse backgrounds through dynamic activities and lesson content.

With HMH as your partner, you can be sure that every student has the critical reading and writing skills that are necessary to meet the demands of college and career life in our complex digital age. Our instructional materials provide thoughtful and comprehensive engagement with high-quality literary and informational texts that build knowledge and broaden worldviews.

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