English Language Arts and
English Language Development

Proven Support for Readers Who Need It Most

System 44® provides foundational literacy support for the most struggling readers in Grades 3–12. Through explicit instruction in phonics, comprehension, and writing, System 44 will help set your students on the path to reading success.

Research Results

Tier III Intervention for Students with Disabilities

Many students with disabilities struggle to read in ways above and beyond those of their peers and often feel stigmatized by their differences. System 44 helps these students succeed by fostering foundational reading skills and noncognitive skills that are critical in developing successful reading habits. The program promotes positive internal environments to help students build confidence and perseverance.

Read the Results

Helping English Learners Thrive

As ELs navigate System 44, they’ll find scaffolds and supports designed to ensure their reading success. In Modesto, CA (see video, at right), and in districts across the country, English learners using System 44 have seen significant gains in Lexile® levels and reading proficiency.

Adaptive Tech

Personalized Learning

System 44's adaptive technology provides a systematic, personalized learning progression for every student. Our individual instruction meets the needs of each student, providing critical support to help transform struggling readers.

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