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Empowered learners—these are the students who grow and refine the language that advances academic achievement and paves the way to college, careers, and a fulfilling life. Let's be partners in advancing language acquisition.


Guided by Thought Leadership

Dr. Elena Izquierdo debriefs after her HMH® presentation at the 2017 International Literacy Association.


Access to Rigor for EL Success

Download a copy of Dr. Izquierdo's whitepaper on strategies for raising rigor for long-term English learners.



The Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism

Program author John De Mado outlines how opportunities to engage with more than one language enhance students' prospects for academic and career success, as well as for lifelong cognitive prowess.

Communication First!

An ever-growing research base leads us closer and closer to an understanding of how the human mind creates and acquires language. In this paper, program author John De Mado explains why taking a “communication first” approach to language instruction is central to optimal outcomes.

3 Key Benefits of Bilingualism

There are multiple learning and life benefits to becoming proficient in more than one language. Click the image below for an infographic that inspires language learners to push past the boundaries of their first language.

Your Path to Biliteracy Achievement

Our comprehensive Professional Learning solutions are data- and evidence-driven, mapped to your goals, centered on your students, and delivered by master educators. Daily instructional support ensures you are confident and prepared to teach our programs, and know how to incorporate technology with ease. We want to join you in developing empowered, inspired, and confident language learners, and we invite you to learn more about our services.

Advancing Language

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