How to Make Smart Ed-Tech Investments

New site offers help with shift to digital education

A new online community that launched Aug. 22 aims to help schools and districts as they move toward digital education and implement corresponding policy changes.

Survey: Ed-tech use falls short of desired goals

Despite budget constraints brought on by a lagging economy, K-12 schools and colleges are holding steady when it comes to ed-tech use. But they’d like to be doing even better.

New online community shares ed-tech best practices

Project RED, an ed-tech research and advocacy group that has been studying how technology can help re-engineer the education system, has created a new online community for school technology decision…

To support ed tech, schools need to rethink budgets, infrastructure

As schools seek to provide more interactive, engaging, and personalized learning, newly released survey results reveal they need to radically rethink their budgets and infrastructure to support this new learning…

On ed tech, we’re asking the wrong question

Does the use of textbooks lead to better student achievement? Somebody should do the research. Schools nationwide are spending billions of dollars each year on textbooks, with no clear evidence…

How to fight back against devastating budget cuts
How to fight back against devastating budget cuts

If educators are going to win back the hearts and minds of the public in support of public schools, they need to learn how to engage social media networks successfully.

Study reveals factors in ed-tech success
Study reveals factors in ed-tech success

Schools with one-to-one computing programs have fewer discipline problems, lower dropout rates, and higher rates of college attendance than schools with a higher ratio of students to computers, according to…

What a Business Process Analyst can do for K-12
What a Business Process Analyst can do for K-12

Delivering financial savings, continuous innovation, and better execution is a must for every K-12 organization. A Business Process Analyst (BPA) can deliver that benefit and allow the organization to recognize…