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ELL Resources

Video: New! ELL Curriculum Overview
Watch how this new ELL curriculum is designed to help schools and districts improve learning outcomes for non-native English speakers.


Building a Better Future for English Language Learners
How Hartford Public Schools and Middlebury Interactive Languages are partnering to close the ELL achievement gap.


Classroom Poster: Common English Idioms
A free, downloadable classroom posters that includes nine expressions every middle schoolers—native speakers and non-native English speakers alike—should know.


A Look at English Language Learners Across the U.S.
This downloadable infographic explores the languages being spoken most often by English Language Learners across the U.S.


Need a New Curriculum Solution to Engage Your ELLs?
Learn about Middlebury Interactive’s new ELL curriculum, aligning to Common Core and WIDA standards.


Ending the ELL Fire Drill
Watch this recorded webinar on how technology and proven language pedagogy prepare students for success.


ELL Pedagogical Approach
A whitepaper from Middlebury Interactive’s Chief Academic Officer on the pedagogical approach to developing the supplemental ELL curriculum modules.


Why Learn Another Language
Download a free classroom poster on reasons to become bilingual..


Student Success Resources

Ohio district extends language software to all students, parents
For the past six months, Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) has been reaping the rewards of a comprehensive online language learning partnership designed to bridge linguistic differences, improve academic… Read the Full Article.

Breaking language and digital barriers in bilingual education
Taking a foreign language class can aid in ordering a French crepe or finding the nearest bathroom, but it can only get a student so far in a… Read the Full Article.

Here’s how engaging lessons motivate English learners
The children at my school, Manzanita Community School in Oakland, California, face the multiple challenges of poverty and learning English. More than 75 percent of our students receive… Read the Full Article.

Four favorite tools for English language learning
Here are reviews of four high-quality digital tools that can help teach English language skills, courtesy of Common Sense Media and its new Graphite service–a free database of… Read the Full Article.

How blended learning can help teach world languages
Blended learning allows students to learn at their own pace, but there are a number of challenges to making it work. During a recent webinar sponsored by Middlebury… Read the Full Article.

Technology’s role in foreign language learning
Although educators and policy makers emphasize skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses, today’s students are competing in a global society–and foreign language skills can help… Read the Full Article.
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