LIVE @ ISTE 2024: Exclusive Coverage

Leveraging the right technology and partnering with experienced providers can help mitigate the daily challenges that IT teams face and support overall school and district success. Explore these tools and strategies to expand digital libraries, create user-friendly, immersive classroom environments, achieve security and compliance, and more to help your school on its digital transformation journey.

Interactive Displays designed for Teachers

Don’t settle for a complicated whiteboard with limited options. Optoma displays provide a user-friendly interactive classroom solution, giving teachers tons of easy to use tools to deliver extraordinary lessons.

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How to Tackle K-12 IT Workforce Shortages with Technology Services

By leveraging technology services and/or partnering with experienced managed service providers, you can help mitigate challenges, reduce burnout, and improve retention.

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Consider These 5 Things When Renewing Your School’s Copier Lease

Getting a new copy machine shouldn’t require a college degree. But with all the options out there, it sure can feel like it. Here are some features that are worth looking into when leasing a copier for your school.

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Key strategies to fund & grow your digital resource collection

See how you can use COVID-19 relief funding options to help expand your ebook and audiobook collection – even on a tight budget.

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Strengthening Security & Compliance through Cyber Resilience

Discover the intricate connection between cybersecurity and compliance, and learn how a risk-based approach can help organizations of all sizes implement a comprehensive strategy to navigate today’s ever-evolving threat landscape – all in Absolute’s latest research report.

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Creating transformation classrooms

Join Promethean on a transformative journey to empower teachers with innovative education technology that fosters dynamic and agile learning environments, strengthening the bond between teachers and students, and igniting brilliance in the classroom.

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Understanding Compliance and Security in Education

Gain insights and solutions to help educational institutions build a strong security posture that safeguards student data by exploring Absolute’s latest research report, which illuminates the crucial relationship between FERPA compliance and cybersecurity.

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