A digital transformation is happening inside the classroom. As the demand on school networks increases because of trends such as esports and connected devices continue to grow, schools need reliable, simple and high performing networks. Explore how RUCKUS CommScope can help your networks infrastructure by providing a safe and reliable learning environment that will grow with you and students.

Reliable School Networks Made Simple

In this era of digital transformation, it is critically important that schools adopt modern learning to better help students and staff. Make sure that your network is ready for the digital classroom of tomorrow.

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World-Class Networking for 14,000+ Students in 26 Schools for Bonneville School District #93

Bonneville Joint School District #93 partnered with Pine Cove Consulting and selected a RUCKUS network for their network refresh. This network services 14,000+ students across 26 unique buildings. Now students, teachers and faculty enjoy reliable and secure internet access. Watch the full story here.

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Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment System is a Great Fit for Primary Education

Learn about cloud-based services that deliver secure network access for BYOD, guest users and IT-owned devices while streamlining device onboarding for students, faculty, staff and guests.

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Future Proofing K-12 Networks to Better Support Digital Learning

As schools venture into a technology-driven era, future-proofing school networks to ensure seamless and enhanced learning experiences for students is crucial.

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At Forest Hills School District, RUCKUS Delivers Wi-Fi that Just Works

Forest Hills Public School District in Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the largest geographic districts in Michigan. When their legacy network could not keep up with the bandwidth requirements, they turned to RUCKUS for reliable, secure and fast networks.

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