You have an excellent IT team. Every day, you give everything you’ve got to provide all staff and students with the best possible service. And yes, there’s always room for improvement. Fewer calls. Better self-service opportunities. Higher Customer Satisfaction.

But where to start? Which trends and developments actually help you improve your services? To inspire your staff, we handpicked the best articles to help you take your next step.

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Rhodes College, Memphis: ‘TOPdesk can solve any problem we throw at it’

Rhodes College centralized many of their supporting departments. From IT, front desk and campus safety, to student services, financial aid and the student service hub. The result? A huge increase in efficiency: ‘All the work is aggregated and less support on our part is needed.’

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Free e-book: Agile Service Management

An Agile approach to ITSM helps you bring more flexibility, speed and customer focus to your IT team. But how do you how to unlock this potential? Find out how to apply the agile mindset to your IT processes in this free, 49-page e-book.

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How to bring service departments together and improve collaboration

Breaking down silos in organizations by working together with different service departments – this helps you improve your customer experience, while increasing efficiency at the same time. Sounds great. But is it worth the hassle it causes when departments don’t see eye to eye?

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Free e-book: How to improve your Customer Experience

Offering great Customer Experience (CX) is more important than ever. But how to improve CX? This free e-book offers a range of insights on how to improve Customer Satisfaction. From knowledge management best practices and essential KPIs, to an 8-step plan for successfully building and launching your service catalogue.

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District School Board of Niagara’s (DSBN) journey towards better IT services and happier staff

Serving over 36,000 students, DSBN’s service desk used to bring in temporary employee to handle calls. ‘We were answering the same problems over and over again’. Read how to DSBN drastically cut their call resolution time and improved customer communication.

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The 4 pillars of better Service Desk performance

What can IT departments learn from Amazon to improve their services? Amazon built its success on 4 pillars that run through their whole organization. Those 4 pillars are also a good foundation to start improving your Service Desk performance.

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