21st Century Learning

Pearson Foundation21st Century Learning is a video partnership between eSchool News and the Pearson Foundation.

Nokia and the Pearson Foundation have launched a new film series that profiles innovative leaders in 21st-century school reform. The project’s goal is to get people talking about what works, what’s needed, and what educators can do in their own schools to make sure their students succeed. eSchool News will be highlighting one of these films per month for the next several months. To learn more about this film series and the best practices it spotlights, read on.

Video Resources

The Mobile Learning Institute’s film series “A 21st Century Education” profiles individuals who embrace and defend fresh approaches to learning and who confront the urgent social challenges that are part of a 21st century experience. “A 21st Century Education” compiles, in short film format, the best ideas around school reform. The series is meant to start, extend, or nudge the conversation about how to make change in education happen.[Read More]

digital arts alliance
The Digital Arts Alliance delivers innovative educational experiences right to students and their teachers, providing fully funded and fully equipped digital arts programs to middle schools, high schools, and community centers across the United States. These programs help participants develop essential skills they will need as they apply what they know to the kinds of collaborative, team–based projects that will shape their future. [Read More]

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