Back Office Technology: Building a Resilient District

Posted on: May 07, 2020

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About Event

While no organization is immune to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, school districts seem to be amongst those hardest hit. And while classrooms may now be virtual, school administrators are wrestling with the need to keep to “business as usual” in the operational, finance, human resources, and payroll groups – even as their district offices may be closed and essential staff working from home. Many schools and school systems are being tested like never before, struggling to determine critical priorities that align their digital strategy for learning and for running the school.

Join us in this timely, special-edition webinar as our experts discuss:
• The operational impact the pandemic is causing K12 districts across the nation
• A baseline technology checklist to ensure your back-office teams are well connected
• Tips and best practices your leadership and administrative teams can rely upon to get through these turbulent times
• Strategies to manage district and teacher relations and expectations
• How to leave an impactful and lasting legacy by being an agent of digital transformation