Diverse Learners Webinar Series Part 1: English Language Learners

Moderated by Kevin Hogan, eSchool News, Content Director

Listen in as our Education Solution Specialist, Theresa Goodlett, hosts a discussion with ESL teacher Erin Sivek from Milwaukee Public Schools regarding her English learning program and experiences at Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language.

Erin talks about her challenges and triumphs with her English learning program, including:

  • Classroom approach and strategies for English learners.
  • How EL students are assessed and how to respond to the needs of students.
  • The approach to blended learning in the classroom.

We will also be exploring Fuel Education’s supplemental blended instructional curriculum developed by their partner, Middlebury Interactive Languages, which allows students in grades 4–8 to learn the fundamentals of academic English while completing projects that relate to English language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science.

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