Educational Data Mining (EDM): Turning Big Data into Big Gains for Students

Moderated by Kevin Hogan, eSchool News, Content Director

From making travel plans, to online purchases, to watching videos, each day we generate vast amounts of data that contribute to the world of big data. We have already seen big data play a significant role in areas like marketing and science. Now, education has joined the big data movement.

In the past, education data was sparse and disparate. Collected across individual gradebooks and housed within multiple platforms, data was inaccessible, laborious, and difficult to analyze. Thankfully, this has changed. Now, educators and researchers can access incredibly rich and meaningful logs about student learning behavior on educational software, and by employing EDM (education data mining), discover a great deal about how students learn. By connecting this powerful data and asking the right questions, there is potential to change the future of education.

Learn about the ability to leverage meaningful data with EDM and learning analytics, and find out how to turn big data into big gains for students.

View this webinar to discover how:

Learning analytics and EDM are already transforming education
EDM advancements can assess students’ knowledge as they are learning
Specific EDM methods are proving useful in understanding and predicting which students are likely to succeed in 21st century careers
Learning analytics can provide insight into the effectiveness of educational technology programs and the conditions under which these programs have the greatest return on learning

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