How One School Is Using Cutting-Edge, Location-Aware Alerting Technology to Keep Students Safer

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In 2013, Skyview High in Nampa, Idaho, became the first high school in the nation to use Real-Time Location RFID badges with text-based communications to keep teachers visible—and students safe.

Ekahau’s Real-Time Location badges offer a cutting-edge, wireless panic button so that teachers can instantly request help and let their location be known. If a teacher pulls down on his or her “panic button” badge, a lockdown is instantly triggered without dialing—and emergency first responders can see the location of all personnel and where the emergency initiated. These wearable alert badges can cut emergency response times dramatically, because those nearby receive text alerts, indicating where an emergency is taking place.

Join us for this free, informative webinar to hear from Skyview School Resource Officer Brad Ford, who will explain how the technology works and why he chose it. Brad will also show how all incidents are recorded and time-stamped, and all resolutions are documented, for full electronic reporting to school board members and local police.

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn…
• How RFID technology can slash emergency response times and possibly save lives.
• How Ekahau’s Real-Time Location System can reduce the time and effort spent on incident reporting and follow-up.
• How Real-Time Location technology can be an invaluable component of a school or district’s safety plan.

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Officer Brad Ford

Officer Brad Ford has been a police officer and School Resource Officer (SRO) for more than seven years and currently serves as SRO at Skyview High School—the first high school in the nation to use location-based alerting. Officer Ford was named “Police Officer of the Year” by the Sons of the American Revolution for his role in discovering an RTLS safety solution for his school. He has a strong awareness of how law enforcement operates and the vital information needed during a crisis event. Officer Ford has experience training police officers, school resource officers and dispatch from a point a view that only law enforcement veterans can appreciate.

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