A 15-year-old student’s ed reform plan: Self-directed learning

By Laura Devaney
February 13th, 2013

Arooj Ahmad is a high-achieving 15-year-old high school sophomore at Libertyville High School in suburban Chicago who has taken a focused interest in reforming the U.S. education system, which he calls outdated, he reports in the Washington Post. He says that schools spend too much time forcing students to memorize a mountain of facts rather than teaching relevant knowledge that can help them select a career path and function well as adults. In this post he explains what he thinks is wrong with school and how he would fix the system…

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Laura Devaney

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One Response to “A 15-year-old student’s ed reform plan: Self-directed learning”

February 14, 2013

I agree with this article, with exception of the fact that a 15 year old student is given more credibility than a teacher with advanced education. Therefore, I hope his message is heard. However, there is nothing original in the thoughts put forth. The comparison to the Industrial Revolution was not independently conjured by the writer. While well written, the article reads like a well written, well researched commentary/paper written by a student. Essentially, all he learned to write this article was obtained by his schooling.

In closing, it would be interesting to learn what is meant by “focused”. I think his writing is well researched and articulate, do not misunderstand. It’s actually a testimonial to his teachers that he is in tune with problems and even his teachers’ workplace issues. Just musing that a teacher with the exact same thoughts would get no recognition.