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How to choose the right education technology

How to choose the right education technology

Education technology integrator and curriculum designer explains how to pick the right tools for schools and districts


With so many education technology tools now available, how can school and district leaders implement the best choices? According to one veteran tech-savvy education technology integrator, there are a few ideas to consider when implementing technology. One of the biggest considerations? Put yourself in students’ shoes!

“It’s not just about the technology or the technology other schools and district are using,” said Jane Englert, learning designer and technology integrator at Ephrata High School (Pa.). “It’s understanding the needs of your students, as well as how to integrate the technology seamlessly with your curricular goals for the class.”

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  1. rnilsson

    October 3, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Great article about maximizing success when incorporating technology into the curriculum. Good point about how, when applied optimally, technology can encourage collaboration among students with different skill sets. Technology can definitely make learning more fun, too. At some point, there may even be a technology improvement on the sticky note.

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