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What education needs now: A national repository of educational materials

A brave new world of education requires the transition to digital resources

educational-learning-technologyFor this to happen we need to build a National Repository of Educational Materials (NREM), an online library of lessons in a range of subject areas with pre-assessments, instructional content and media, practice tasks, quizzes, and mastery tests.

The current high-stakes testing in narrow subject areas is costing us billions of dollars that should be put to better use.

Could we build NREM? There is a precedent. The federal government funded the National Genome Project at a time when technological advances made gene-sequencing possible, but the work was fragmented; competition in the field was rampant.

Yet, the entire human genome was sequenced in a single effort, a coordinated database for all scientists to access worldwide. This made possible exponential progress in science because the common good prevailed.

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  1. jcbjr

    May 1, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    The read danger with such a repository is its use if education remains teacher-centered. Then it becomes an endless series of assigned readings, assignments, … As a resource for student-centered learning and its associated activities associated with driving questions, it would be great to have such a compiled source.