5 digital learning trends in museums

By Laura Devaney, Managing Editor, @eSN_Laura
May 13th, 2014

No longer do students fill out worksheets during museum trips–today’s spaces are going digital


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Museums are a popular field trip destination, but as learning becomes more digital, more and more museums are offering digital learning programs designed to engage students and give them enhanced educational experiences.

During an Alliance for Excellent Education webinar, Barry Joseph, the associate director for digital learning at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City, offered an overview of how digital learning programs are taking root in museums.

AMNH’s digital learning program grew out of a MacArthur Foundation grant that resulted in a framework of connected learning, which focuses on what digital media can enable youth to do, especially when those students are able to learn about their passions and interests, Joseph said.

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One Response to “5 digital learning trends in museums”

May 13, 2014

Excellent innovation. I hope the virtual field trips are infused with Universal Design for Learning, which would include captions for anything spoken for the deaf/hearing impaired, and descriptions for any scenic background in the pictures that are on display for the visually impaired.