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Technical schools expanding to meet new needs

Technical schools’ reputations, and enrollments, are changing In one of the newest and fastest-growing secondary schools in Chester County, teacher Katie Smith was demonstrating proper technique to 16-year-old Courtney Draper…

Renowned education system has a flip side: ingrained cheating

The voice that answers the number posted on the online ad is polished, confident: No one will suspect anything, he says. The gadget has never failed. A college senior, he sounds…

Teacher ditches grades to help students

Lake County, Fla. teacher Lynn Barrett's young students chatter softly while huddled in groups over their iPads as they explain the cause and effect of events in a fictional story. The…

College Board unveils changes in SAT that make test more practical

It might be fair to describe the major changes that are coming in 2016 to the nation's most-recognizable college-admissions test, the SAT, as "intense." In fact, understanding how the word "intense"…

Got funding? State’s laptop plan at risk

The future of a pilot program eyed as a model to eventually put laptops in the hands of all Hawaii public school students and teachers is uncertain now that lawmakers…

Digital Issue Article
‘Why foreign languages are a ‘crucial’ skill

Educational technology consultant Alan November is fond of telling a story about a conversation he once had with a senior executive at a global investment bank.…

Like any tool, iPads can be used…and misused

Beckley, W.Va. mom Kym Cox says her son won’t stop playing MineCraft, a popular online game, and the problem has gotten worse since he was given an iPad through the…

Tablets turning the page on textbooks

With more than 170 million units sold, the iPad has revolutionized mobile computing since its release in 2010. While Apple’s market share plummeted to about 36 percent last year with…

New app helps students with special needs

"I want chicken nuggets." Those were the first words Cassie Banda-Garcia's parents Jojo and Sofia Garcia could clearly hear her say.…

Most schools don’t teach computer science

Would it surprise you to know that most schools don't teach computer science -- not even the basics? It should, especially given that there will be about 1 million more…

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