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LearnWith.AI Launches TeachTap, the first AI-powered learning app for AP exam prep and high school courses

AUSTIN, Texas — LearnWith.AI, an educational technology startup passionate about harnessing technology to dramatically improve educational outcomes, today announced the launch of TeachTap, a groundbreaking mobile learning app that harnesses the power of generative AI to transform the way high school students learn and prepare for advanced placement (AP) exams. By combining a social media-style interface with academically rigorous content, TeachTap makes learning more fun, efficient and accessible than ever before.

TeachTap uses AI to bring historical figures to life as teachers, allowing students to learn, for example, about the Civil War with Abraham Lincoln, the civil rights movement through the lens of Martin Luther King Jr, or the laws of motion from Sir Isaac Newton. The app offers a personalized feed of entertaining and educational videos, images, questions, and memes, ensuring that students remain engaged while mastering the material.

All TeachTap course material is trained on the exact curriculum set by the College Board and Common Core educational standards. TeachTap does not include access to external websites to ensure integrity in the material presented to students.

“TeachTap is a game-changer for students preparing for AP exams and studying high school courses. By combining the power of AI with an incredibly engaging user experience, we’ve created a learning tool that makes studying not only effective but also fun,” said LearnWith.AI Chief Product Officer Phil Hewinson.

TeachTap includes these key features:

  • Interactive lessons delivered by AI-powered historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Benjamin Franklin, Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan
  • Personalized learning paths that adapt to each student’s strengths and struggles
  • Social features that allow students to like, comment, and share
  • Parental controls that help manage social media time and reward time spent learning
  • A test prep mode designed specifically for efficient review and test prep
  • Comprehensive coverage of nine popular AP courses and two general high school courses, with more to be added

TeachTap has already garnered praise from experts and students alike with hundreds of five-star reviews and endorsements from major influencers like Dave Farina, the renowned YouTuber and AP Chemistry expert behind “Professor Dave Explains.” “TeachTap is not only smart, but also entertaining with a variety of content types and thousands of AI personalities. Everything is aligned to the relevant standards, and the AI learns about you as you go, so it knows how to guide you through the areas that need the most work,” said Farina.

Pearson Edgington, a high school senior who piloted TeachTap, shared his experience: “TeachTap made studying for my AP exams actually fun and interesting. I was able to review an entire year’s worth of material in about 10 hours, and I feel more confident than ever going into my tests.”

Cherlendy Louis, a student and TeachTap user in New York City, said, “Instead of getting bored and zoning out using textbooks, TeachTap makes topics so much more entertaining. It’s like, all the time I spend scrolling can now be partly spent studying, because it’s actually interesting to use the app.”

TeachTap’s AI-driven tutoring and test prep features set it apart from traditional study methods and expensive tutoring services. Students can receive real-time explanations, targeted practice based on missed questions, and instant grading for written essays, all at a fraction of the cost of expert-based AP tutoring, which can exceed $1,000 per course.

TeachTap currently offers these 11 courses:

  • Nine AP exam preparation courses: U.S History, World History, European History, U.S. Government, Environmental Science, Biology, Psychology, Macroeconomics and Human Geography
  • Two general high school courses: Physics and U.S. History.

TeachTap will continually offer more courses based strictly on specific College Board and Common Core educational standards.

Generative AI with guardrails

LearnWith.AI recognizes the legitimate concerns surrounding the use of generative AI in education and has taken rigorous measures to address them. The company’s team of academic experts, including accomplished teachers, researchers, and industry veterans, has developed a rigorous design and quality control process to ensure that TeachTap’s content aligns with specific College Board and Common Core academic standards and includes appropriate safety guardrails.

“We understand the apprehension around AI in education; that’s why we’ve invested in creating a responsible platform that parents and educators can trust. Our goal is to unlock the potential of AI to enhance learning outcomes while prioritizing student safety and well-being,” said LearnWith.AI VP of AI Academics and Operations Niraj Patel.

TeachTap is built upon decades of learning science

The fundamental core learning model of TeachTap is based on research by renowned educator Benjamin Bloom and his groundbreaking published papers on mastery learning. Bloom found that students learn best in a one-to-one environment with a curriculum that caters to their individual understanding and needs. TeachTap follows Bloom’s core principles and the educational research that followed: Regular quizzing, identifying knowledge gaps, varying time spent on lessons and constant feedback are key to optimal student achievement.

A team of academic subject matter experts (SMEs) has been developing TeachTap over nearly two years to ensure that it includes the same level of style and difficulty as real AP tests.

Furthermore, TeachTap includes many features of its sister company GT School’s SCORE Program fee-based curated learning solutions for SAT and AP test preparation and core academic subjects, which produced these results over four years:

  • 63% of SCORE Program students scored 5 on the AP United States History test, compared to the national average of only 11%.
  • 75% of SCORE Program students scored 5 on the AP World History test, compared to the national average of only 13%.
  • On average, SCORE Program students learn AP courses eight times faster than in a traditional school setting.
  • On average, SCORE Program students master topics five times faster than in a traditional classroom setting.

Delivery styles maintain interest

TeachTap also features different “delivery styles” that bring history to life and put curriculum into pop culture frameworks. While the delivery changes to make learning fun, the underlying curriculum models are built with strict adherence to specific College Board and Common Core educational standards. For example, Albert Einstein can “rap” a physics lesson, but the underlying lesson would be the same as learning it through a textbook. A history lesson can appear in a cat meme, but the content matches the lesson directly from the AP College Board.

TeachTap’s delivery styles, all delivered by historical figures, include memes based on popular meme templates; raps to the tunes of well-known hip-hop melodies; “Did you know?”; “Truth or lie?”; matching; multiple choice questions; free response questions graded in real time to provide students with instant feedback; and controversial conversations: Two historical figures debate on the most controversial topics within a particular course. For example, the economic principles of capitalism versus socialism can be understood through an AI-generated faceoff between Adam Smith and Karl Marx.

LearnWith.AI is committed to academic outcomes and making the learning process more fun and efficient than ever before. With the launch of TeachTap, the company is poised to revolutionize the way students learn and prepare for their academic futures.

TeachTap is currently available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store, with plans to expand to other platforms in the future. The app offers the first unit of each course for free, allowing students to explore its benefits before unlocking the full course or upgrading to premium features.

To learn more about TeachTap or to download the app, visit

About LearnWith.AI
LearnWith.AI is an Austin-based educational technology startup passionate about harnessing technology to dramatically improve educational outcomes. Led by a seasoned team of experts from top tech companies and prestigious universities, LearnWith.AI is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that make learning more engaging, efficient and enjoyable than ever.

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