Top Techniques for District Management

Innovations in Education
Innovations in Education
Top Techniques for District Management

In this episode of Innovations in Education, hosted by Kevin Hogan:

  • 5 of the biggest education trends in 2023
  • 5 ways our district streamlines edtech ecosystems
  • Using Federal Grants to Hire Personnel: Advice for Districts

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Join the revolution: The 4th Industrial Revolution is changing learning

The 4th Industrial Revolution is the current phase of rapid technological change. It is also known as Industry 4.0, and the advent of robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation has marked it. Klaus Schwab coined the term in 2013 in his book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” He defines it as “a new stage of industrialization characterized by a fusion of technologies blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.”

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4 Practices for Innovative School Leaders

If your school or district is anything like many others across the country, it has undergone transformational changes at a rapid (perhaps even dizzying) pace over the past two years. The challenges you continue to face demand that you influence more change, driven by creative problem solving and a bit of risk.

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