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Articles by Laura Devaney

6 ways to leverage social media in school
Laura Devaney is the eSchool News Managing Editor. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Laura interned at eSchool Media while attending UMD, and upon graduating, Laura was lucky enough to join the eSchool Media team. She enjoys covering mobile and handheld technologies, BYOD trends, equity in broadband access, and special education.

When she isn't wrangling her two children, Laura enjoys running, photography, home improvement, boating, and rooting for the Terps.

Find Laura on Twitter: @eSN_Laura

6 ways to leverage social media in school

Though some educators are hesitant to embrace it, social media has taken education by storm. All it takes is one look online to see the proof: educators have formed professional…

15 OER tools for educators

As educators and students clamor for relevant and engaging digital content, many are turning to open educational resources (OER)--educational materials that are free to use under a special license. These materials…

3 ways internet filtering inhibits learning

Growing up in the digital age means that students have an infinite amount of information available through the internet, but it also means learning reasonable and safe behavior while online. Federal…

July: 4 education grants you don’t want to miss

From STEM learning to financial literacy, learn more about these new July grants.…

6 questions to ask about data

The term "big data" is everywhere and, in a nutshell, is the term used today to describe large collections of data that companies use to personalize their products and services. But…

Browse free math, ELA resources for grades 2-12 offers a free and growing set of Math and ELA resources for grades 2-12 that have been developed by expert teachers directly from the Common Core State Standards. …

Flipped learning skyrockets across the nation

Though no learning model is perfect, flipped learning offers educators and students one way to boost engagement and make learning much more interesting and organic. And as more research highlights this…

5 gaming dynamics that truly engage students

Gaming. It’s more than a buzzword in today’s schools, but it still sometimes carries a stigma--is gaming really an effective way for students to learn? The answer, according to computer science…

App of the Week: Create a chemical reaction

Students can create chemical reactions with an interactive app.…

What’s APPening: 100 apps for education

There really IS an app for that, whatever "that" may be. Need help taking notes or staying organized? Do you want an on-demand guide to coding and computer programming? Whether you…