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Fuel Education partners with schools and districts to provide students equitable learning opportunities that are personalized to serve each student’s different interests and learning style, no matter their level.  Our solutions consist of over 500 online and blended learning courses and titles including: Credit Recovery/Remediation, Career Readiness Pathways™, and World Languages/ELL.

More than 2,000 schools and districts have chosen Fuel Education to help them tap into the best of today’s vast array of digital educational resources, tailor solutions for a variety of learning environments, and personalize learning to drive stronger student and district outcomes. Our case studies and videos below provide insight into their successful online and blended learning programs, and showcase best practices and academic results.

500+ Online Courses and Titles

2017-2018 Fuel Education Course Catalog

FuelEd’s expansive course catalog of over 500+ courses and titles allows you to meet each student at his or her point of need—from those who are struggling or at risk of dropping out or not graduating on time to those seeking greater academic challenges or wanting to enrich their learning.

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Career Readiness Pathways

From Exploration to Certification: A Blended Learning Program for Career and Technical Education

Fuel Education’s Career Readiness Pathways™ allows schools to provide students with 24 flexible pathways, each one empowering them with the knowledge, skills, and credentials they’ll need to launch successfully into post-secondary life. Learn more about FuelEd’s pathways.

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Effective Online Credit Recovery Programs

Credit Recovery Offers a Path to Graduation

Many students face academic and personal challenges that become roadblocks to achieving their diploma. Fortunately, credit recovery is an effective way for many students to overcome those obstacles. Our credit recovery solution provides a motivational self-paced learning environment with embedded social-emotional learning support. Learn about our new courses and solution strengths today!

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Blended Learning Success Stories

Multi-Year Results of a Successful Blended Program

Poudre School District Global Academy (PGA) embraces an ever evolving blended model. In the past 7 school years their student assessment show growth rates in reading and math that surpass both their Colorado peers and their peers across the United States. Learn more about the impact of this innovative school!

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New Study Finds Alabama Students Improve Test Scores Using Fuel Education’s Stride™

A recent statewide study by The Auburn University Center for Evaluation (ACE) analyzed ACT® Aspire® data for Alabama students who use the Stride online adaptive program and compared it to scores of their matched peers. Take a look at the impressive results!

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Enhancing Language Learning

An Overview of our Supplemental ELL Curriculum

Our digital English language curriculum is designed to help schools and districts to improve learning outcomes for non-native English speakers in grades 4-10. Watch this overview video to learn more about our ELL curriculum and how we are helping student expand their English language skills.

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How Blended Learning Can Enhance Language Instruction

Blended learning allows students to learn at their own pace, but there are a number of challenges to making it work. Read our case study to learn how two exemplary schools have overcome such challenges and have made blended learning a success in teaching world languages.

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