One amazing example of how to train teachers on technology

One school district changed the standard in Professional Development; and they did it with a ‘Technology Academy.’

train-teachers-academy Imagine you need to learn how to fly a jet. You’re given a link that describes how and an online video tutorial…nervous? Now imagine you’re being taught by a fighter pilot in a small class, and that class is with your peers. The course runs for weeks and includes experience from other teachers who now fly jets and were once like you. Little less nervous? Welcome to one district’s Technology Academy for teacher training.

Though it’s not a likely chance that any teachers are also pilots at Garnet Valley School District in Penn., for many teachers in schools across the country, the thought of knowing how to effectively use technology in classrooms is still an intimidating concept.

According to Paul Sanfrancesco, director of technology for the district, many teachers see technology as something that’s being pushed onto them. But once teachers learn the true value of education technology, the mindset can quickly change.…Read More