Instant Relevance Podcast

The Instant Relevance Podcast has a lofty goal: to make learning relevant for all students. It’s co-hosted by Denis Sheeran, a speaker who delivers keynotes, workshops, and small-group professional development courses to teachers and administrators; and eSchool News’ columnist Raymond Steinmetz, a K-8 math instructional coach, TeachPlus Rhode Island Policy Fellow, and Highlander Institute FuseRI Classroom Coach.

Available on 11 different formats, the podcast topics range from a discussion on how LeBron James opening a school can be used as a #MakeItReal moment to revolutionary PD practices to the latest research from The New Teacher Project and why it matters. One of the newest episodes explores how teacher Rachelle Dene Poth converted her classroom from teacher- to student-centered.…Read More

The K12 Engineering Education Podcast

The K12 Engineering Education podcast is for all the people who want to find better ways to teach and inspire kids in invention, problem-solving, persistence, teamwork, and imagination. Produced by Pius Wong, an engineer and education consultant who previously developed engineering curricula for high schools, the podcast features different ways teachers can collaborate with professional engineers to improve engineering education and STEM.

From how to improve programming kits to autism in the engineering classroom, this podcast will help anyone who wants to instill engineering thinking into young people.…Read More

School Psyched Podcast!

Have you listened to the School Psyched Podcast? The tagline—because none of us is as skilled as all of us—pretty much says it all. Recorded on the first and third Sundays of the month, this podcast is a collaborative discussion among psychologists about school safety, executive functioning, ADHD, SEL, assessment, and other K-12 topics.

[Editor’s Note: eSchool News will be featuring a K12 podcast every Friday. Send your favorites to]…Read More