Google’s encrypted search creates problems for schools

In order to remain CIPA complaint, schools need to track the search side as well.
A new encrypted search site from Google has raised concerns among schools.

A new encrypted search feature that internet search giant Google Inc. rolled out last month is causing problems for schools, which say the service keeps them from complying with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and could put their federal e-Rate funding at risk.

The service lets users search the web in a way that can’t be tracked by employers or internet service providers. Google launched a beta version of the service May 21 to give users more control over the searches they make; the company has come under fire from privacy groups in recent months for how it handles sensitive information.

But in accommodating privacy advocates, Google ironically has angered K-12 education technology officials, many of whom are now blocking access not only to Google’s encrypted search page but also Gmail and Google Docs. That could be a problem for Google, which is competing with Microsoft in supplying free software for communicating and collaborating online to schools.…Read More