Appsmashing guide: Let students show what they know with these gorgeous slideshows

Shadow Puppet EDU lets students demonstrate understanding in creative ways

Ed. note: This post is the second in a series exploring AppSmashing with a core set of Evergreen Apps. The articles focus on the ability of students to create multimedia content that showcases their learning through a performance or demonstration of understanding.

Powerful Evergreen Apps strike a great balance between flexibility and ease, and can be used in many different situations for a variety of purposes. Take Book Creator, for example.

Book Creator facilitates the easy creation of multimedia books, reports, stories, and many other variations of written, visual, and audio communication. Yet, there are creative limitations to the app that can only be overcome by appsmashing other app content directly into its pages. As I discussed last article, Tellagami enables students to create speaking avatars and these can be inserted directly into Book Creator pages. Appsmashing Tellagami into Book Creator is one useful strategy to enhance the creative possibilities of a single Evergreen App and enable students to express what they know in different ways.…Read More