EC unveils plans to make “every classroom digital” by 2020

The European Commission (EC) has unveiled plans to reinvigorate the use of ICT in European schools, including providing more free and open digital learning platforms to educational institutions across the European Union, V3 reports. According to EC-conducted research, up to 80 percent of students never use digital resources such as e-textbooks, learning games and podcasts, which the Commission says is “hampering” efforts to create a digitally literate set of future workers. It also says that 70 percent of EU teachers are looking for better ICT training. Vice president of the European Commission Neelie Kroes, who is responsible for the the EC’s Digital Agenda, said it was her “dream” to make every classroom digital by 2020. She said: “Education must be connected to real life; it cannot be a parallel universe. Young people want to use digital technology in every aspect of life. They need digital skills to get jobs. All of our schools and universities, not just some of them, must reflect that reality.”

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