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Articles by Meris Stansbury

Op-ed: Does this new curriculum cross the line?
Originally from Ohio, Meris graduated from Kenyon College in 2006 with a B.A. in English Literature. After graduating, she became the Education Program Manager for The World & I, a monthly educational publication based in D.C., and joined the eSchool News team as Assistant Editor in July 2007. Now Associate Editor at eSN, Meris covers the current issues in ed-tech. Topics she's most interested in include school reform, global education, and emerging technologies and trends. When she's not busy covering education, she's in her kitchen…setting off the smoke alarm. You can reach her at, or find her @eSN_Meris on Twitter.

Op-ed: Does this new curriculum cross the line?

Unfortunately, it seems that school violence has reached an all-time high, as ‘kids will be kids’ bullying has escalated from hurt feelings to suicide, and banned items from campus have…

5 ways Maya Angelou influenced education

When I heard about Maya Angelou’s passing today (May 28th), I was currently getting a bad cavity filled, an extremely dispassionate process framing an emotional response I wasn’t quite prepared…

3 must-knows about teachers and copyright

Schools and districts are increasingly urging teachers to use digital content for instruction, with many teachers taking innovative steps by creating their own digital content; but when it comes to…

How do teachers use technology?

In education, it’s easy to get data from one school, district or even state. But national data, encompassing most teachers in the U.S., is no easy feat, and breaking that…

What it takes to be a teacher

My Parisian mother was a teacher for a year as a favor to my private school when their French teacher unexpectedly quit one summer. “Sure, I could teach,” was her…

Groundbreaking: We can predict cognitive styles, and here’s how

While the education field’s acceptance of learning styles is helping students receive more options for learning, students are often lumped into one category without any explanation of why they prefer…

4 questions every tech leader should answer

As schools continuously work to construct digital learning plans that will help transform teaching and learning, it is essential that school technology leaders are updated with the latest policies and…

One startling fact about flipped learning

Flipped learning has been on education’s radar for the last two years, with many schools experimenting with a teaching and learning style well-suited for 21st Century learning. But new results…

Digital Issue Article
10 things to ask when choosing ed tech for young children

Put a child in front of an iPad and they’ll be learning, right? Not exactly, say two early childhood experts. Thanks to extensive research, experts now know that choosing the…

5 must-haves for online assessments

As K-12 schools across the country begin to implement online learning, issues of cheating and lack of credibility are some of the main reasons why skeptics hesitate in supporting online…

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