Colorado bill to help schools ‘go green’

Colorado lawmakers on March 29 unveiled a plan to offer school districts low-interest loans to install solar panels on rooftops, build wind turbines, or convert diesel-guzzling buses to battery power, reports the Denver Post. House sponsor Andy Kerr, D-Lakewood, touted the potential savings on utility bills and said students can learn about alternative energy through the program. House Bill 1312’s architects couldn’t say how many schools might participate or the estimated size of loans. But they said the program would likely start with just a few schools at first, and windswept Eastern Plains school districts are likely candidates. The cash for the loans would come from the sale of vast swaths of land set aside to benefit school children in the 1800s. "This program is a win-win-win," said state Treasurer Cary Kennedy, predicting it will also help create jobs on top of saving on utility bills. Schools can "put that money back into the classroom, where it should be."

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