Creating 21st Century-Ready Teachers

October 6, 2009. Little Falls, MNA critical starting point to preparing 21st century learners is rethinking not only what is taught, but how it’s taught—making it necessary to prepare future teachers with relevant 21st century skills training and resources.

Available at no cost to you, Atomic Learning’s Creating 21st Century-Ready Teachers ebook discusses 21st century skills and their impact on education, as well as tips on integrating them into existing programs. Download it free at

With an introduction co-authored by Dr. Punya Mishra, Co-chair of the American Society of Colleges for Teacher Education’s Innovation and Technology Committee, and Michigan State University Educational Technology program colleague Leigh Graves Wolf, this resource provides valuable insight into the primary components of 21st century education.

Atomic Learning is committed to supporting educators in changing the way they teach to meet the needs of modern students. With a collection of resources and curriculum materials including teacher assessment, concept training, integration projects, workshops, and student assessment, Atomic Learning empowers educators to infuse 21st century skills into the classroom.

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