Innovate to Educate Entry

Hugh Roe O’Donnell School/ Boston

Elizabeth Barron, Instructional Technology Specialist

What innovative technology initiative or project are you most proud of, and how has it improved teaching and learning in your school/district?

The use of apps to teach coding to pre-kindergarten students. When teaching coding we need to look at it as if we are teaching another language. I was able to teach coding skills to a pre-K class with computer and i-Pad apps. These lessons are taught throughout the year, but was showcased during the of Hour of Code week. I am proud of all of my students abilities to code, especially what my 4-year old students have accomplished. EVERYONE can code.

What were some of the biggest challenges to your initiative, and how did you meet those challenges?

Lack of technology available in the classroom. I was fortunate to have an i-Pad available for teaching coding skills. Imagine what I could do with 5, 10 or an i-Pad for all!

What are the three biggest components that need to be in place for tech innovation to succeed are:

Positive and energetic attitude towards teaching.
Technology (STEM) is fun.
Resources to teach students.

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