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St. Ambrose School

Lori Schlueter, STEM Coding Instructor

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STEM Coding Instructor

What innovative technology initiative or project are you most proud of, and how has it improved teaching and learning in your school/district?

We have developed innovative computer science curriculum for St. Ambrose School. Our curriculum includes space exploration and natural disaster analysis using satellite imagery. We are able to compile the length and the width of pottery that is added to an inventory catalog through computer programming. We have also instructed students on how to use coding with scientific research. They have conducted tooth decay and lung cancer tissue sample experiments using computer programming and imagery analysis.
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What were some of the biggest challenges to your initiative, and how did you meet those challenges?

The biggest challenge with getting computer science into our school was to ensure that it was fun and interesting for students. You had to make it fun or students would lose interest, just like anything else. Therefore, we developed innovative coding curriculum that included space exploration, natural disasters, art, and scientific research. Students enjoyed learning about real world issues and how they could solve them with coding!

What are the three biggest components that need to be in place for tech innovation to succeed are:

Students must be challenged through real-world issues.
Students must understand the STEM model and learn that failure is necessary to learn and succeed.
Students should be given the opportunity to invent, research, prototype, and test ideas.

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