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As schools and districts embark on a digital transformation by adopting new technology for teachers and students, they provide an attractive playground for cyber criminals to unleash their attacks. Educational leaders are now tasked with the increasingly difficult job of protecting their environment with a patchwork of tools, stretched budgets and limited staff. Learn more about these challenges and explore ways to keep your modern educational environment safe.

East Irondequoit CSD claims victory over Emotet Trojan with Malwarebytes

It’s not often a school district can create a model for modernizing teaching pedagogy through digital transformation while also successfully weathering a pervasive Trojan infection on the first week of school. East Irondequoit Central School District – serving approximately 3,200 students across 6 schools in New York – did just that.

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5 Steps to achieving endpoint resilience in education

Malware is one of the most critical threats hitting the education sector and endpoint resilience is an imperative. Resilience is the combination of protection and response that allows your organization to rapidly recover after an attack. This guide provides you with 5 steps to achieving endpoint resilience for your district.

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5 Facts You Need to Know About Education Resilience Today

As old perimeters crumble, new malware threats advance. Traditional cybersecurity solutions aren’t enough to keep your modern educational environment safe. Here’s what you need to know about the current state of educational cybersecurity and how to achieve educational resilience for your institution.

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What K–12 schools need to shore up cybersecurity

Schools know the importance of securing students’ data, and many have found ways to safely incorporate cybersecurity awareness, as well as affordable technologies. We talked with members of the school board to discuss the cybersecurity challenges specific to K–12 schools (both private and public), and what can be done.

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Compromising vital infrastructure: problems in education security continue

The educational system and many of its elements are targets for cybercriminals on a regular basis. An analysis in December 2018 by SecurityScorecard ranked education as the worst in cybersecurity of 17 major industries. We at Malwarebytes, with the help of educational leaders, aim to change that.Vi

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Articles from eSchool News

3 districts that battled malware–and won–with endpoint security

It’s not exactly a secret that most educational institutions are vulnerable to data breaches and security hacks. All it takes is one attack to freeze school operations and disrupt learning, to say nothing of putting sensitive data and private information at risk.

Being proactive is better than being reactive, and one of the biggest proactive steps districts are taking today involves targeting endpoint security and beefing up endpoint resilience.

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3 things to know about school network security

Cyber attacks account for more than half of all incidents in education–all the more reason why school network security should be a top priority for IT leaders, according to a new report. Education is still one of the sectors most at-risk for data breaches, as the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report details. “Education continues to be plagued by errors, social engineering, and inadequately secured email credentials,” it notes. “With regard to incidents, DoS attacks account for over half of all incidents in education.”

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