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LanSchool provides reliable, easy-to-use classroom management tools that empower educators to create meaningful 1:1 learning experiences – both in the classroom and remotely. Backed by Lenovo, LanSchool is a pioneer and innovator in the edtech space, providing award-winning classroom management products for over 30 years. LanSchool guides learning, promotes collaboration, and maximizes teaching time with features like screen monitoring, limit web, messaging, raise hand, push website, and screen sharing. Most recently, LanSchool expanded its offering by partnering with best-in-class safety solutions, Bark for Schools and DNSFilter, to keep students and school networks safer in an ever-evolving digital world.

What Can LanSchool Do?

Learn how LanSchool’s award-winning classroom management software creates meaningful 1:1 experiences – whether learning happens in the classroom or remotely.

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EdTech Innovation

This infographic shows the innovation in edtech over the past 65 years and how LanSchool has been working alongside educators for three decades to redefine digital learning in the classroom and remotely.

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Enable Synchronous Learning with Real-Time Virtual Classes

Asynchronous learning works as a stop gap, but the lack of real-time interaction results in limited success. Instead, experts recommend a combination of synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods for the best student outcomes. Learn how to facilitate successful synchronous learning environments by using video conferencing tools and classroom management software.

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Addressing Three Key Challenges of Distance & Hybrid Learning

Discover the three key challenges of distance and hybrid learning and see how innovative solutions can help address each concern to deliver the best student outcomes.

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How Classroom Management Software Supports Student Engagement

Parents and teachers alike are struggling to keep students engaged when learning from home. But, it’s a battle worth fighting, as higher engagement leads to better academic performance, graduation rates, and even higher occupational achievement after school. Read the top 6 tips for keeping students engaged in remote and hybrid environments.

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Proven Solutions. Successful Student Outcomes

In this one-pager, learn how LanSchool’s classroom management software empowers educators to inspire better student outcomes.

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Request for Proposal Development Toolkit

This three-part guide includes the 6 most important questions to ask when developing an RFP, a helpful checklist, and a step-by-step template to help you write your proposal.

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