The K-12 landscape is rapidly evolving. With increased school safety demands, new hybrid teaching techniques, and even the adoption of video games in the classroom, districts need to be sure they have the right tools and resources to keep up with and prepare students for a technology-driven future. Explore the latest resources below, where you can find high-quality edtech innovations that keep your students’ safety and engagement at the forefront to enhance the learning experience for everyone, no matter where or how instruction takes place.

Protect Your K-12 District from Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are on the rise and K-12 school districts are viewed as easy targets by cybercriminals. Download this free guide to learn the strategies all districts can deploy—regardless of size or location—to mitigate the risks of cyber threats.

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A Community within a Community: How and why schools should start eSports programs

While most educators are aware of the eSports phenomenon and its ever-expanding popularity, many remain unfamiliar with all the benefits an eSports program can offer and feel overwhelmed and in the dark about how to get started.

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5 ways to make your eSports program successful

The blazing hot eSports movement in education aims to help engage marginalized students by leveraging and further developing their steadfast passion for video games. eSports serves as an ideal entry point to bring these kids more fully into the education fold by cultivating their social interaction, leadership and problem-solving skills.

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Digital Safety for Students: Keeping Student Data Private and Access Secure

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the latest strategies and tools schools are using to help keep student data safe and ensure students’ digital access is secure.


Improving the Learning Curve – It’s in the Air

A Michigan-based public school enlists Honeywell to transform school district infrastructure so that both students and faculty can breathe easier with improved energy efficiencies and cost savings

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Solving Teacher Shortages with Virtual Instruction

Teacher shortages aren’t just an abstract problem. They’re a very real challenge affecting school systems in every state. But high-quality virtual instruction can help.

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