Students face a global future when language skills will be critical to career success. Yet, time and resource allocation for language programs has been shrinking while the need for multilingualism only grows. Technology plays an increasingly significant role in how we help language students develop the skills they need to be successful in today’s competitive global workplace. Learn how leveraging technology in the world language classroom can make a transformative impact.

For 25 years Rosetta Stone has provided K-12 educators with language-learning solutions that change their students’ lives. We invite you to explore the information below to see how mixing EdTech with traditional instruction can complement any curriculum.

Technology & Language Learning

Infographic: The Rise of Language Learning Technology in K-12

Increasing students’ language skills and global competency skills prepares them for success. Rosetta Stone® solutions support K-12 educators with online learning supplements, blended-learning solutions, language lab deployment, and school- or district-wide implementation.

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eBook: Integrating Technology into the World Language Classroom

Hear from three different school districts on how they integrated technology into their world language classroom.

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Online Language Learning Toolkit

In partnership with GettingSmart, we’ve created a toolkit to help you navigate through the steps needed for implementing an online language program into your school or district. Learn what your options are and how to set up your team for a successful implementation.

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10 Reasons for EdTech in the Language Learning Classroom

In the webinar “The Classroom Advantage: Exploring the Benefits of Blended Instruction in the World Language Classroom” presented with Deb Cody of Pueblo Public Schools, we discussed the benefits of technology in the language classroom. Check out an overview of that webinar with the 10 reasons why you should bring EdTech into your classroom.

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eBook: EdTech + Traditional Instruction: Mixing It Up in Today’s Language Learning Classroom

Two out of three teachers want more technology integrated into the classroom. Why? Learn how adopting EdTech helps students extend their foundational skills; facilitates higher order thinking, and complements face-to-face instruction by blending with daily activities.

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Best Practices for Program Success

Webinar: Ready, Set Up, Go: Success Tips for Implementing Online Language Learning

In this webinar, Melanie Rogers, Training Team Lead, and Tracie Evans, Client Manager, at Rosetta Stone Education, share best practices and success tips to help schools and districts meet their language program goals, and explore how technology can help.

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World Language Insights

Video: Panel Experts Discuss Language Education

Watch and hear from the experts as they discuss the growing demand for language skills, and the implications of the language skills gap for the nation’s students and workforce.

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Podcast: Global Competency Success in a Diverse Region

Jim Detwiler, Boone County School District’s Assistant Superintendent, shares how they designed their global competency program and exactly why it is such a priority for this diverse region of Kentucky.

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eSchool News Resources

Digital e-Learning program allows innovative district to open the world to students

KY’s Boone County Schools expands its digital world language program to 10,500 students this fall.

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These are the 5 most in-demand K-12 languages

Rosetta Stone releases a list of the most popular U.S., global language learning programs

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Things might be looking up for online language learning

The demand for language learning tools could increase in the next 5 years, analysts predict

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