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Jupiter Ed All-in-One Solution

The growing use of anywhere, anytime learning is challenging teachers to personalize lessons for each student’s individual needs, test students online and analyze the results instantly, track student progress in real time, and keep both students and parents up-to-date on grades and homework. Having the ability to do all of this within a cloud-based solution that delivers maximum security—without importing or entering data—are the benefits you receive with Jupiter iO—the all-in-one gradebook-LMS-SIS-learning analytics solution!

Why is an all-in-one solution the best return on a school’s investment? Why do over 3.8 million users utilize the Jupiter iO all-in-one solution? Explore the information provided to learn more about the greatest benefits and opportunity when integrating Jupiter iO—as well as best practices and keys to success.

End-to-End Solutions for K-12

Learning the Millennial Way

The increased use of interactive technologies—LMS solutions and 1:1 learning—is not just a trend in education; it is a way for the new generation of students to think. Learn the steps you can take now to deliver technology-based learning and bring your institution into the digital age.


Learning Analytics

Learn how combining learning analytics with web-based education tools can help you create an improved, integrated learning experience.


Getting to the Core of learning

Explore the roots of Common Core and learn how learning analytics and standards-based grading tools can help teachers achieve learning goals..


Take IT to the Cloud

Learn why K-12 schools are turning to cloud-based technology to enhance the learning environment with mobile initiatives, virtual learning, online assessments, and anywhere, anytime learning.


Your Data Your Control

The education sector is making the same transition to cloud computing as has the business sector, which raises questions of who has access to what data, and for what purpose?


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Data–including big data and learning analytics–has incredible potential for teaching and learning

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New report examines how this type of learning is poised to benefit all students

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Customer Success Stories

Success Story – Benjamin Black

In Benjamin Black’s 8th grade science class, students don’t get ready for class by sharpening their pencils and opening their textbooks. Instead, they reach for their iPads, power up their devices and make sure they are logged on to the school’s Wi-Fi.


Success Story – Steven Rubenstein – Beverly Hills

Dr. Steven Rubenstein admits that big data can be over-whelming, and interpreting data can be a challenge. With Jupiter iO, he found a solution that made it easy for teachers and administrators to capture and view data, spot trends and patterns, and plan their next-step approaches.


Customer Profile: Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles Unified School District is the 2nd largest in the nation. It enrolls more than 640,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, at over 900 schools and 187 public charter schools.


Customer Profile: New York City Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education is the largest in the nation, serving 1.1 million students in over 1800 schools across its five boroughs. The school system is as culturally unique as the city itself, with about 40% of students living in a household where a language other than English is spoken.


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