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Ensuring access to the right books for every student

Build a customized collection of ebooks and audiobooks with Sora from OverDrive Education. You can activate Sora for free with the no-cost Sora Starter titles that come with each platform, then build a customized collection of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and more from our industry-best catalog to meet your school’s unique curriculum and enrichment reading needs. Learn more about how a digital reading platform on Sora can help with your shift to digital learning, below.

The digital shift to ebooks & audiobooks

Creating ELA Curriculum Equity

Looking forward to a post-pandemic world, digital books open up new learning opportunities for districts looking to further leverage the investments they made to accommodate remote learning. By embracing digital books as key classroom tools in the years ahead, districts will be better equipped to engage student readers, measure reading success and stretch their library and curriculum budgets further.

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Digital Is Here To Stay

Over the past few years, the shift toward using digital resources in K-12 education has accelerated. More schools are transitioning to 1:1 initiative and supporting more cloud-based apps. With digital here to stay, this report explores the effect of digital books in K-12 and discusses how school districts can use new COVID-19 relief funding options to help expand their digital collections even on tight budgets.

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Digital books for every student

Give your students the ebooks and audiobooks they need with Sora, the student reading app! Sora is an award-winning K-12 digital reading platform that ensures your school has access to the right books for every student — on any device, at any time. Available in 55,000+ schools worldwide, learn how Sora can set your entire school community up for literacy success.

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Understanding ebooks: Which model is right for your district?

Knowing how pricing models work will help students access ebooks during remote and hybrid learning

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7 tips for future-proofing school libraries

The future of school libraries is all about providing equitable access for all students

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How the pandemic impacted digital learning

How the pandemic shifted digital learning and influenced ebook and audiobook usage in schools

This report examines data from 46,000 K-12 schools from around the world and explores real-life examples to give you a better understanding of how ebook and audiobooks are being used in the wake of COVID-19 and what this shift means for the future of education.

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Eliminate Barriers to Reading

New government relief funding for K-12 schools offers a unique chance to eliminate reading barriers and overcome unequal access to books. Learn how your school can use this funding to deliver the right digital books to every student.

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How digital books connect vulnerable students with reading

Digital books connect all students with reading opportunities–but vulnerable populations, in particular, see huge benefits

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Defining digital curriculum in a new era of learning

How do we best support teachers and school leaders in implementing digital curriculum for the long haul?

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