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New studies show that young children learn differently than in later grades. A strong foundation in both literacy and math at the preschool and kindergarten levels is essential to later success. In fact, early math scores are a better indicator of reading success in later grades than even early literacy scores.

Only Waterford, a nonprofit organization, brings essential subjects together to provide the very best early learning experience and support each child along their individual journey. Partnering with teachers in the classroom and parents at home for 40 years, it’s no wonder educators trust Waterford. Flexible for any classroom, available online anytime, anywhere. See how districts across the U.S. use Waterford to teach, supplement, and inform lesson planning.

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Waterford SmartStart Helps Get Disadvantaged Children Ready for Kindergarten

Too often, children who grow up in poverty start school well behind their peers academically, putting them at a disadvantage right out of the gate—and they’re frequently not able to catch up. But the School District of Hillsborough County, Florida, is using Waterford curriculum to make sure that doesn’t happen. Read their Success Story here!


Waterford SmartStart (PreK)

Research Shows Lasting Gains from Waterford PreK Program

Children who use Waterford as a kindergarten readiness program outperform state averages through 4th grade. Watch this video to learn more.

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How Alabama’s Largest School System Prepares PreK Students for Kindergarten

Discover how Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS) in Alabama uses Waterford adaptive curriculum to help educators close early learning gaps and better prepare all students for kindergarten.

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Washington County School District Narrows Education Gap in Title I Schools

Read how Washington County School District incorporated Waterford Early Learning into their preK program for children living in poverty to teach early reading, math and science.


Achieving Kindergarten Readiness

Explore this summary of research studies on two implementation models of Waterford curriculum and its effects on early childhood literacy in Utah and California.


In Remote Valley, Technology Barriers Fall as Preschoolers Learn to Read with UPSTART

Learning at home is a viable preschool alternative—and in some rural areas, like Monument Valley and many others in Utah, it may be the only option. Find out how UPSTART, a program that provides Waterford software at home, is helping teach students to read and prepare for kindergarten.


SmartStart Comprehensive PreK Curriculum

Explore SmartStart—Waterford’s multimodal preK classroom program that teaches early reading, math, science, and social studies concepts as well as executive function, creative arts, and health and physical development.


Waterford Early Learning (K-2)

Waterford Gets Best Results for Students in State Intervention Program

The Utah State Legislature created an early intervention program to help at-risk students catch up to their peers. Of the five available curriculum providers, Waterford’s curriculum resulted in the largest gains in kindergarten and first grade students’ end-of-year scores.

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Texas School Uses Waterford for ELL Students, Intervention Program

Lamar CISD received a grant 17 years ago to use Waterford Early Learning as a supplement for ELL students in preK, kindergarten and first grade. Over time, they have expanded its uses to meet ELL and English-speaking students’ needs.


One Teacher’s Story: Personalized Learning in Kindergarten—Mobile County Public Schools

Kindergarten teacher Robin Duff shares her experience using Waterford in her classroom. “I was so impressed that each child was getting exactly what they needed,” she says.

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Using Adaptive Curriculum to Personalize Instruction

Research shows that if children aren’t reading by the third grade they are four times less likely to graduate. See how one school is using Waterford to focus on every child, every day.

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Waterford Early Learning

Learn how Waterford adaptive curriculum can help improve student performance early, when interventions are more effective and less costly than those that come later in life.


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