Doing More with Less: How Informed Assessment Practices Can Help

In this latest STAR (School Technology Action Report) from eSchool Media, you’ll find essential knowledge for educators and administrators: How to get much more out of assessment.

No Child Left Behind drove a dramatic increase in testing at all levels. To some, we’ve gone too far. By being smarter about their testing practices, educators can save time—and money—while also using assessment to improve student learning more effectively.

Informed assessment practices can efficiently shed light on student learning; without them, educators cannot determine the most appropriate next steps to strengthen instruction or promote growth. In this free report, you’ll find handy definitions, examples of common mistakes in using assessment, and articles addressing a range of relevant topics, including:…Read More

Feds to shape the future of assessment

Educators say it’s time to move to multiple=

Federal officials are leading the charge to develop a new generation of summative, end-of-year exams that are delivered and scored by computer; focus on a deeper understanding of the curriculum, instead of just multiple choice; and can measure students’ readiness for college or a career more accurately.

“There is widespread concern that the most prominent assessments currently being used in the U.S. are inadequate and may have a significantly negative impact on student learning,” says Alliance for Excellent Education (AEE) Senior Fellow Robert Rothman, author of a recent issue brief called “Principles for a Comprehensive Assessment System.”…Read More